Monday, August 20, 2012

Who Is Moses?

Here is another important bit of information for your genealogy records. Can you connect Moses to us? Please note, this has been entered as it was written in the newspaper, so no corrections, even when I would normally spell ocupation with two c's.

The following obituary appeared in the Floyd County Advocate, Charles City, Iowa, April 28, 1893.   Mother's note indicates she obtained this from Roy Blood in Denver on June 3, 1968.  The address label on the paper said "Moses Blood".
"BLOOD - At his residence in this city, April 25, 1893, Moses blood, aged 45 years and five months.
Deceased was taken ill some six weeks ago but was regaining his usual health on the day before his death confiding in his wife that he was fast recuperating and would soon be able to resume steady work.  On Tuesday morning he arose and made the breakfast fire.  The meal was almost prepared when uttering some sentence explanatory of his condition he was caught in the arms of his wife and never spoke again.  Medical aid was summoned but he had passed beyond the physician's power to aid.  He was buried on Wednesday afternoon.  Rev. Chas Noble officiating.
Moses Blood was born in Belvidere, Ill.  When a small boy he moved with his parents to this county.  Thirty eight years ago he married Miss Sarah Hawkins, who with four children Mabel, Roscoe, Roy and Ray survive him.  After spending a year in Missouri Mr. and Mrs. Blood returned to this county and engaged in farming which ocupation he followed until about four years ago, when they moved to Charles City.  Deceased is a brother of Mrs. B. Page, of the east side and of Frank Blood of St. Charles.


Elizabeth said...

Ann, I know that you are just testing us. This Moses Blood is your great-grandfather, married to Sarah Batty Hawkins, and father of Clara, Mable (Betty Sullivan's grandmother), Roy, Ray, and Roscoe. But you really knew that, right? Sarah had a tough time after his early death, and moved her children into Charles City. Ray lived with Roscoe (as well as Sarah Batty, who helped care for Dad after his mother died.) (Listed in the 1910 U.S. census). Ray never married.

Ann said...

It is called an attention getter - you passed with flying colors. Besides it took less effort for me to have you write that. I find the "stuff", you explain it. Teamwork??

Judy said...

Ann, thanks for posting this. Do you know what the source for this obituary is? Newspaper, funeral program or ????