Tuesday, February 19, 2013


In light of Ann's misfortune I think there are questions that need to be asked.
1: Why would she venture out to the barnyard, although small, without spiked shoes.
2: Blue tarps are a hazard to walk on under any circumstance, why was there a blue tarp there?
3:  Do the chickens have any sympathy at all for her?
4:  Were the chickens involved in the plot?
5:  Were they seeking free Carnival cruise tickets knowing that nothing was being cooked?
6:  Was Rod Sterling involved?
Here are some haunting words, "you should eat them."
Not to diminish the trials and tribulations that Liz and Ron have gone through this week for which we are thrilled that they are making a recovery, but we know that our sister Ann when asked, will answer with a smile, "I'm fine."


Elizabeth said...

Very good, Steve - good for a laugh this morning. Creativity just flows from this family - you've proven that! And we have an obligation to just lie around today and do whatsoever nothing, except take the garbage out. Tra La!

Judy said...

And read the blog!

Elizabeth said...

And go get a bone scan that I had forgotten about - it's an advantage to live in a small town - five minutes from the hospital.

Ann said...

I'm fine, just fine! And now I am connected on the computer so life must be getting better.

Very funny photo (I think). Just so you know, we did have one chicken die on Sunday. She was probably standing on the other side of the board where I hit and died of fright!

Love you all. Love the phone calls and the concerns. This too shall pass.