Friday, February 1, 2013

Discussion on Marriage

   When Dorothy was at our home in Preston for a couple of days lsat weekend, we went through boxes of letters from all family members dating back into the early 50's.  I have to quote from this gem from Judy on the occasion of Ann and Paul's marriage which I attended with Mother and Daddy, and Judy was too far away to go, but kept in touch by phone.
   The letter is dated June 15, 1964.
   "Kemp and Jay sure couldn't understand this getting married bit.  They wanted to know if I was married and why.  Then if they were married and why not.  Well why can just big people do it?  I'm big.  See?  Do you have have to be a Daddy to get married?  I've never had so many questions I couldn't answer."
   Judy of today in all of her accumulated wisdom probably wouldn't have been so stumped by these salient questions by two little boys.  Or would she?  Bear in mind that Kemp was not quite four years old, and Jay was three.  Pretty precocious!


Ann said...

Love it! From the perspective of innocent children there must be have been so much confusing grown-up stuff. Do you wonder if, in today's world, with TV and all of the exposure to not so nice stuff, the innocence is still there for a child? I do hope so.

Judy said...

Life from a kids' view. Obviously I had not explained things well.