Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mince Meat for Pie

I would have scanned the original and posted it, however it is so smeared that I don't think it would be legible. So, as second best, here is the mince meat recipe. Mother's card says "Mother's" in the upper left hand corner, indicating this was her mother's (Tilda Wasden) recipe. There is no notation about where Tilda got this recipe.

Mince Meat for Pie
4 lbs of lean boiled beef chopped fine
1 lb suet
8 lbs fresh green apples
2 lbs raisins
2 lbs currants
1/2 lb citron & lemon peel cut fine
2 lb sugar
1 T salt
1 t pepper
1 t alspice
1t mace
1t cloves
2 t cinnamon
(1 lb. dried fruit 6 lb fresh)
Cider enough to make a batter. Heat it thru and when cold add 1/2 pt brandy.
Fruit juices may be used in place of cider.


Judy said...

Do you really think that Grandma Wasden used brandy? I know that Mother just substitued more apple cider. I used to love this stuff, but I cannot see a single one of my kids nor their families eating it now. That would be true especially if they saw this recipe! Food and cooking certainly has it's own history. Thanks for adding this to the family history and traditions!

Steve Blood said...

I actually had someone ask me if I knew how to make this recently. They said that it was served in a local eatery and loved it. I was always going to try it but never did, it is one of my favorites, right after sour cream/raisin pie.

Ann said...

My memories of mince meat are much the same as Steve's. The commercial stuff just isn't right! I've always wanted to try making it to see if I could do it right. I think Judy is right - the apple cider was what Mother added.

Elizabeth said...

Where do you get the suet? I remember Mother just going to the meat counter at the grocery store and asking for it.