Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is for Steve and Louise - Pinwheel Cookies

This recipe is one Steve mentioned in one of his comment about Louise. Mother got it from Mrs. Pattison (who was Mrs. Pattison?). I have keyed in this recipe exactly as Mother had written it.

Pinwheel Cookies
Cream 1/2 cup buter, add gradually 1/2 c sugar; add 1 beaten egg yolk, beat the mixture well. Add 3 T milk, add 1 1/2 c flour which have been sifted with 1 1/2 t Bkg Pdr. & 1/8 t salt: add 1/2 t vanilla. Divide dough into halves. To 1/2 add 1 sq chocolate - melted. Roll each half out thin. Place one on top of other, roll up & slice off.
(The remainder is up to you, i.e temp of oven, how long to bake, grease the cookie sheet, etc.)


Elizabeth said...

We had to beg to make these because the recipe takes chocolate, not cocoa, and that wasn't always available in our cupboards. What fun to make these cookies. Thanks for this recipe.

Judy said...

I loved these cookies, but whenever I tried to make them, they were too hard....and I gave up.

Ann said...

My pinwheels always ran together - so what's the point? I need Louise's magic touch.