Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ann!

These are pictures taken in the last few years - the top one when Ann and Paul were gifted with a trip to Hawaii by their children - thus the wonderful Hawaiian shirt, and the other after Ann retired from BYU, and we had a little get-together at Dwight & Velna's house in Riverton, UT, with the Tanners, Louise, and Ron and I. Ann was not only queen of the prom - she has been a queen in her family, and in ours. She may be the youngest sister, but she has gained enough practical sense (including nonsense) over the years, that she can work through the knottiest of problems, and be a support in a myriad of ways. Happy birthday on December 1st, and many more to come.

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Ann said...

Thank you, Elizabeth. What a treat to have such nice things said, and I get to hear them. These pictures represent some more neat memories. Hawaii was amazing, and the retirement gathering was so much fun. We were just missing Steve and Judy. Sweet times with people who mean so much to me really help with the rough spots.