Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Toys

Sharing Christmas was the high light of the day for us. Mom was always found in the kitchen helping and unfortunately there are no photos of that. Dad was the one who played with the toys and games. This is the year the girls got new jump ropes. But guess who played with them first!

Jay, Ross and Ginger, the cat, look admirably on. Notice the balmy weather. What a contrast to this year.


Shannon said...

Is that Ginger or Nugget?? We brought Ginger home in 1977 (I was in 2nd grade). The boys graduated 70, 80 & 81 so it must be Nugget. Grandpa was always so much fun!

Ann said...

The life we now enjoy would be really empty without memories such as these. I always was just a little envious of the Christmas mornings that Mom and Dad spent at the Petersen's house. Not that I didn't want them to go there, I just wanted all of us to be there, as well.
Shannon, you are amazing. You even remember the year you got Ginger. That is a true cat lover.