Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Wishes to Kathy

While I was in college the year of '58-'59, Ann wrote voluminous letters, missing no details. And often she signed them "Kathy", which I believe was her new but short lived romantic identity.

Incidentally, in one letter she mentions that the "Kitty had 4 little kittens, two coal black and two just like her. We are gong to keep one of each." Yes, there was always one cat or another in her life.

I looked desperately for the 2 photos I have (had?) of Ann's coronation. Not finding them, I am substituting these pictures that were taken at college. Is this Provo or Weber? Anyway Ann still looks quite queenly to me. She is very beautiful. No wonder Paul Tanner fell for her!

During the few years that Ann and Paul called Olympia home, we were privileged to share family events. This is one of the best of Ann, along with little Kristen....
So on this 66th birthday, we give tribute and salutations to our sister Kathryn Ann, who brightens this life for the rest of us. Our lives have been a little happier, a little funner, and filled with a lot more love and forgiveness because of her.
Many returns of the day!


Ann said...

Thank you for the birthday wish, Judy. Those pictures were taken at the house on 8th North in Provo, during my sophomore year (second year) at BYU. I lived kitty-corner from what was then called lower campus, and Steve lived just down the street to the North. I was trying to be photogenic - oh well! Kathy - well, that must have been my Junior year of High School. Teachers were willing to go along with my identity crisis, at first. I had an advanced literature class, and one day, about the third day of class, the teacher called on me using "Kathy". After two tries, and getting no answer from me, he said something along the line of either answer when he called on me or go back to Ann and get over that nonsense. I should have gone for "Kate". Being traumatized by the non- sympathetic approach I went back to being just plain "Ann".

Louise Blood said...

i echo your sentiments which you stated so well. Ann, you have always been a beacon of light in my life. I dodn't know if my memory is correct, but didn't Mother say to a well meaning person who thought the name Kathryn would be shortened, and Mother declared that would never happen, Kathryn would always go by Kathryn. Ann fits, but I have always loved the name Kathryn, and the combination Kathryn Ann is a beautiful sound. What's in a name? A rose.......Kathy, or Kate, or Kathryn Ann or Ann, you are always our sweet sister.