Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Outing

This photo is one of the only two photos of which I am aware of our entire family during the second Penrose period except me, the photographer, thus meaning that almost no photos of me for most of my later years at home exist except for a few Liz took my last year there. Before Mom became a Sunday School teacher, our only outing day was on Sunday, which meant that we usually went to North Fork, and those times were very rare. As you can see, Steve is misbehaving. I absolutely remember taking this picture.


Ann said...

Love this photo. Louise and Elizabeth knew how to "pose" for a photo, Judy and I look puzzled by the process, and Steve just plain didn't wanna. Dad looks so handsome in this photo and Mother looks as she always did - trying hard to keep a bunch of hooligans under control.

I have a little memory of the trips up North Fork. But I do remember how I hated going up the canyon outside of Cody. On more than one occasion I had nightmares about stopping on one of the narrow curves, Dad honking the horn and then listening to see if someone is coming from the other direction, then we would proceed, only to come nose to nose with another car. This would mean someone would have to back up and my dream never let that be a comfortable situation.

Was it Fishing Bridge or up South Fork where Elizabeth got the fish hook in her cheek?

Ann said...

PS I love the lilacs. That gives such a warm sense of optimism of warmer days to come.

Judy said...

The Sunday attire certainly tells the story. I remember the beautiful fabric of the matching skirts and the jumper that I am wearing. Must not have had enough scraps for Ann's dress.
I just know that while I loved the mountain smell more than I tell you, that I usually got sick every time we drove the curvy roads. I probably was not much fun.
This picture is another classic.

Elizabeth said...

Time - I must have been in the 4th grade? Steve would have been a year old - not a fun time. Mother would make a yellow cake in the black cake pan, we'd have some sandwiches (baloney), and head out after Sunday School. Mother had to hold Judy on her lap because she got so carsick- there were usually four in front, and four in back when we travelled like this. The "new" road through the canyon was not built until the mid-1950's. I loved the old road, because it took us down in the bottom of the beautiful canyon. Sorry, Ann.