Monday, January 18, 2010

What Do You Think?

We had a phone call last night from Nathan and he had a suggestion for the blog. As I thought about it, I decided the best thing to do was to put it out for comments. He is working on putting the two marquetry pieces he has from Dad into shadow box type frames (that doesn't adequately describe what he is doing so those are my words not his). He wondered if we would be willing to post photos on the blog of the pieces of marquetry we have so the grandchildren would have a record of the work, as well.
I do remember how Elizabeth and Ron took photos of the marquetry that were hanging in the house in Tumwater, but those aren't available to all, plus there are pieces each of us have that were not included in that portfolio.
As Nate and I talked about this possibility, I started to wonder if this might, potentially, offer a way for communication with some people out in the big wide world who also have some of Dad's work, to comment, or indicate what they have. This would perhaps be a monumental task. Does it fit on the blog? Would Dwight need to start another blog (Penrose Mornings Part II) etc.
I just wanted to throw this out there for everyone to consider, comment on, etc.
Happy Monday!


Judy said...

Look what Ann got stirring this morning! I would like to volunteer to create a blog festuring the Western Woodcraft legacy. Any other takers? All input welcome.

Ann said...

How can we go wrong with a volunteer? What name should we give the blog?

Elizabeth said...

I agree - we would scan like crazy! This is an excellent idea! Thanks, Judy! We'll watch for further developments.

Dwight said...

I think some of us have discussed this before. I think it's a good idea, but we may want to watermark and do explicit copyright stuff to protect it. Steve may have input here. Ideally, we would have photos of the pictures of sufficient quality and pixel count so those of us who don't have some of the pictures that were part of our lives for so long could make adequate color prints that could be matted and framed. Etc.

Anonymous said...

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Elizabeth said...

Okay, Steve, tell us how to do this so that the pictures are protected. Now I know we have to get a new computer! Scanning those pictures will put this one out of joint.