Saturday, January 2, 2010

See Comment for 1920s apron with tatted edge May 5 2008

Dear tatting experts: TattingChic has sent you a charming comment on the tatted apron, with an invitation to visit her site. So check it out and send her a message. The post was May 5 2008 and it is under category Heirloom sewing. If I knew how to repost the original post with comments at the head of the blog, I would do so. I am the only one who knows which is Ann and which is Judy. And I'm not telling. Just figure it out.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Dwight, for reading through comments and finding the ones about the tatted trim on the apron. And, so do we know which is Ann and which is Judy! For sure!

Judy said...

Tatting lives on!