Monday, May 28, 2012

Another Birthday Wish for Elizabeth

I think that this picture is crooked, but don't let that fool you.  That really is Elizabeth sitting in the field among the chickens.  Question:  Why isn't she scared of them????  puck-puck-puck-ma-guck!

The truth is, she isn't scared of anything, then or now.  She is brave and she is strong and we love her fun place is our family.  Yes, she does use her Elizabeth speak very well.  But we know.....we know.

Happy birthday, Elizabeth.  May your day be laden with love found in your favorite things and people.


Elizabeth said...

Sounds nice to say that I'm not afraid of anything, but it isn't so - Like this picture, though. You notice there aren't any scary roosters in the lot. Ann, take note - you, too, can sit among the chickens.

Ann said...

So, you were not just a beet hoer, and a cow herder, you were a chicken whisperer!

Judy said...

What is a chicken whisperer??????

Ann said...

If there is a horse whisperer, isn't there a chicken whisperer?