Friday, May 10, 2013

Fun Stuff In The Mail

About the first of the week I received a large brown envelope from Dwight.  I was somewhat apprehensive as I pondered what could be inside.  It wasn't my birthday and I hadn't asked him for any photos, but I did know their move north from St. George was either to take place soon or had already taken place, so was he just cleaning out his office and getting rid of stuff or what?

To my surprise, when I opened the envelope, therein was a magazine titled Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series.  Beneath that title is the subtitle(I guess that is what you call it) "Guide to Growing Your Own Food" with 5 Keys to a Weed-Free Garden as a featured article.  I was so excited because this just seemed like such a thoughtful thing to do.  I carefully read the different articles and did learn some new stuff to add to the old stuff I had forgotten about.

Now, here comes the kicker.  I don't mean to attribute anything untowards (that is a Downton Abbey word, I am sure) to Mother Earth News, but I think they have a centerfold photo in this magazine.  When I hit page 54-55 there it was.  The title of that article is "Backyard Chickens For The Best Eggs Ever".   The photo is of a very contented looking mother hen with baby chicks running around her.  (I would have copied it and posted it here, but was concerned about copyright issues and I didn't want to wait to receive a written ok to use their photo.)  In my mind it suddenly became more obvious why Dwight sent this very informative magazine to me.  The first sentence in this article written by Cheryl Long states:  "The minute you crack open a homegrown egg from a hen that's been able to eat grass, seeds and bugs,you'll never settle for pale, tasteless factory-farm eggs again."  She is so right.

So, I am now thinking, in spite of Dwight's class in college about the economics of raising a few healthy, happy chickens, there is a longing on his part to come down and sit on the back porch and listen to "chicken talk" and enjoy the world of real eggs.  We must get together sometime soon!

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Elizabeth said...

Good job, Ann - No doubt Dwight is yearning for chickens and fresh eggs - you think?