Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lilac Time!

Ahh - it's that time of year - Memorial Day, Steve's birthday and my birthday.  Time for the lilacs over at Emmy's to be in full bloom, so we can go cut big bunches, and fill the two-quart bottles with water and add the fragrant bouquets.  The whole house would smell wonderful.  There was a feeling that summer was coming, and that we would have beautiful days with blue skies, fluffy clouds, and green fields.  As you can see, Preston isn't too much different than Penrose in the time that flowers bloom.  These came from our friend's yard - their bushes must be ten feet tall, and they are loaded with lilacs.  I filled vases, and before placing them around the house, put some on the patio table to take a picture or two, and where the dancing frogs who reside on the table can lift their arms in jubilation that spring is finally here and there are lilacs to bloom.


Judy said...

I CAN SMELL THEM EVEN FROM THERE TO HERE! Truly beautiful. I love it that we can mark the seasons even on the blog. Thanks, Elizabeth.

Ann said...

Hooray for spring/summer! Now the "ever blooming" iris are in full bloom and their fragrance hits me when I step out the front door. Heavenly smells that evoke wonderful memories.