Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wedding Day

While I am waiting for the photos that were taken of the Tanner group at Kelsey's wedding, I thought I would share a few from the day.  It was a beautiful day in Manti.  After the ceremony, one of the temple workers gave us a brief tour of the incredible stairway.  All I could think of was the story of Grandma Wasden polishing the railing a gazillion years ago.
                                                      Wedding Day, April 26, 2013
Kelsey is our first grandchild to get married.  We are thankful for her example to the 21 others who are to come along a similar path, in their own time.  Kelsey has been the pied piper of all of our grandchildren.

Trying to get this "herd of kids" to cooperate wasn't going to be easy.  This is as good as it got!  I think there are about 10 grandchildren standing on the curb.
This is a little better controlled group.  From left to right, Brooks and Savannah (Kristen), Shea and Shane (Greg), Jack and Jonah (Nathan).

This is taken just outside the front door to the Temple. I think Kelsey and Braden were really happy to finally get to this point.
This is taken on the west side of the Temple.  Happy Day!
This is taken in front of the really tall west doors of the Manti Temple.  Seriously?  How many photos are you guys going to take?

Nathan drove down to Manti for the wedding and then Bridget brought Gwen to Orem for the evening craziness.  The smiles on their faces are great indicators as to how things are going these days.

When other photos become available I will share.


Elizabeth said...

Ann, thank you. You and Paul have done wonderfully, and these children and grandchildren reflect that. What a beautiful bride Kelsey made! And the picture of Nathan, Bridget, and baby Gwen is very precious. All in all, thank you for sharing this beautiful day with the rest of us.

Judy said...

What a day! What a life! What a family! What stories go with each photo. Congratulations to the new bride and groom who blazed the way. Hope is renewed.

Dwight said...

Lovely, lovely pictures! May I borrow the photo of the temple? Last time I was in the Manti temple was with Mom and Dad and Wasden grandparents. Seems like only yesterday.

Ann said...

Yes, you may borrow the photo of the temple.

Ann said...

Ok, I should have said, of course you may borrow the photo.