Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ben Had Business in Wyoming

Name that place!

I don't remember a water tower that looks like this!

Now I know where we are!

The week of Memorial Day, Ben flew into Cody and then drove through Ralston and Powell.  Armed with bouquets from the florist in Powell, he made his way to Penrose.  Of the cemetery, he said it was sure a quiet place. 


Elizabeth said...

Glad that Ben could be there. Thank you for representing the family.

Ann said...

Where is the old water tower the kids would climb in the middle of the night? I'm glad he stopped by the cemetery. We just never know where our kids are going to find themselves, do we? What was Ben doing in Cody?

Louise Blood said...

What a pleasure to see these pictures,it's like a visit. I can remember so well the old water tower, I thought it made our town so uniqaue, you didn't see them too many places.