Saturday, June 22, 2013

Memories of My LIfe

What I have learned since I have received and begun reading my sister, Elizabeth’s, beautifully printed book.

1.        To record one’s life is essential to tie the dots together.

2.       To write with a hand of kindness will never be a mistake.

3.       In the tapestry of her cloth, there is, no matter what, one thread that is bright in color and unbreakable:  her faith.

4.       The choice to reclaim blessings is not only possible, but essential.

5.       Love heals.  There is no room for bitterness.

Perhaps I should have finished reading the book, before making these comments.  As of this morning, I have her arriving in Germany to spend 2 years teaching.  Maybe I will think of more to say, or maybe someone else will have comments as they read.

I, for one, am very appreciative for Elizabeth’s hard work.  And I am very thankful that she is our sister.



Elizabeth said...

You made a few tears fall. Thank you - I wondered if you had received the book, but I will wonder no longer. Your comments alone are worth writing this less than perfect memoir.

Ann said...

Amen to Judy's comments. I haven't gotten my book yet, but have read a good part of it in rough draft. Amazing lady. I am proud (in a good way) to be her sister.