Monday, December 1, 2014

Construction of the Penrose LDS Church

I don't know where I got the four negatives of the construction of the Penrose LDS church.  They were miniscule, mostly coal black.  I thought that despite the primitive nature of these photos these images are historically important.  As I recall, lumber came from a logjam on the nearby Shoshone River.  This is the church where Grandpa Wasden served as branch president and bishop for how many years?  Thirteen? Will those who have some of the historical facts of the construction of this building please fill in the gaps?  Maybe Uncle Dave's writings?  Note the out house in the first image., I received my infant blessing in this building and remember going to Sunday School in the summer and taking our little chairs down the front steps and out into the weedy blossoms for class.  And I remember so well the plaintive wail of fiddles well into the wee hours of the morning when country dances were held here.  Jerry Gullion would stand either on the stove or on a chair or on something in the middle of the room and call the square dances and weary bone-tired hard scrabble farmers would find, temporarily and blessedly, a new lease on life from a few moments of fun and laughter.  Please add to what I have said here by adding new posts rather than just comments, which rarely get read.

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