Monday, December 1, 2014

With tools in both hands, someone convinced Grandpa Wasden to sit for a family picture on the porch of their Penrose home.  Left to right, Lucinda, Minnie (our mother) Grandpa, Grandma immediately behind, Orvil, and Elna.  This photo has probably been posted before, but we're in the mode of the Penrose church and Grandpa's role as church leader for so many years.  Sorry if I am making the pictures too large but I like to show them off.

And here is Bishop and Sister Wasden who did indeed take their appearance seriously on the Sabbath day and looked as spiffy and dressed up as any Mormon bishop and his wife.

And here is how I remember Grandpa from days spent in the haying fields when I grew up. Note the arms of his shirt, cut and refurbished to last another few years.

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