Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st is Ann's Special Day!

This is a picture taken on another special day - Ann is wearing the Hawaiian shirt and necklace that was necessary for her and Paul's trip of celebration to Hawaii.  Birthday?  Anniversary?  I didn't date the picture.  This picture says it all about Ann - She has a great sense of humor, wit, and complete compassion for those around her and beyond.  We are so blessed to have her as "little" sister - a term long-ago outgrown.  When you need health advice, supplement advice, sewing advice, baking or cooking advice, parenting advice, etc., etc., etc., where else can you turn.  The quartet of the Blood sisters is very powerful - and it's important to remember that.  Happy, happy birthday, Ann.  I do know that the reason you kept chickens is that your mother hen instinct is so strong, that none will go wanting.


Steve Blood said...

It sounds like Dwight and I need to form a band of brothers to combat the quartet of trouble. Just not today, today it's just happy birthday to a dear, dear sister.

Ann said...

That photo was taken on December 1, 2002, just five months after my new adventure began. I was scared about going to Hawaii because walking was difficult and my brain was scrambled (which, by the way, was a new condition). Everyone was so kind. Paul and I came home to a house full of family and I was stunned.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and comments. Sure do love my family.