Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Steve's Story About Tearing Down the Penrose Church building

I elevated this comment by Steve to a post because of the importance of the comment and so everyone will see it.  Stories and comments like this are really critical for this blog.  Thank you, Steve.s
I had the thrill of being father's gopher from time to time while he was tearing it down. The honey in the wall was not a surprise the amount of honey was a big surprise. Dad found someone in Lovell who came and collected the hives. Some of the honey figured to be over fifty years old. (honey does not go bad). Dad and Norm extracted the comb and had it processed into five gallon containers. The older honey which had darkened the took in chunks and put in open buckets which we snacked from. Mother would use the honey to sweeten everything..EVERYTHING!! We were still eating the honey when the bull was shot and we had salami and bologna to eat forever.

The story on the roof was that Norm and dad worked on it from the inside out so that no one had to be on top. Sometime during the holidays it was a nice warm shirt sleeve type day and father decided to go over and do a little work. When he left all of the rafters and trusses were in tact. He later came home visibly shaken and there were no rafters and there were no trusses.

He said that he had taken the bolts out of a truss started to walk across the ceiling joists from one side of the building to the other when he said he felt a large rush of air over his head and looked up just in time to see the truss fall over the top of his head, crash into the other rafters and take the entire roof down. He truly had a guardian angel that day.
December 3, 2014 at 7:13 AM

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Elizabeth said...

That is really a scary story. So glad that you shared it!