Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Ann, and Thank You for the Costco Runs!

The mandatory annual posting of the cat checking out baby Ann.  And I tell the same story every year: On this same day many years ago I walked down town from school and noticed that Dr. Coulston's Cadillac was gone behind the Coulston Clinic on the corner of Main Street.  I knew then that our peace and quiet in our bedroom already sleeping four Bloods would become noisier.  And when I rode the bus home that night, I was right!  Convenient place to hang the washtub.  I think only about a dozen photos were taken during the three years we were in Ralston.


Elizabeth said...

And, as we scrubbed the snow from our boots on the door mat, Louise announced to me that Mother had a new baby. How did she know? Magic. And Daddy informed me (1st grader that I was) that Ann came in the doctor's black bag. I was a believer, because she was so small.

Ann said...

Thank you for the Happy Birthday. These are two of my favorite photos. Dwight, I'm looking forward to next summer and more Costco runs.
Love my family!