Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Worth and Importance of our Penrose Blog

After a few weeks (months?) of our little blog languishing, I decided to try and get things moving again.  No less than an authority than Judy admonished me for not posting and commenting, so I thought, I'll show her a thing or two.  Despite the fact she has been expecting us to still read about household skills from six months ago on Amsbaugh Gardens.So I did some redecorating and started going through the really terrible black photos on my hard drive to see what I could resurrect.  There are about four things that make this blog meaningful:  Photographs, which elicit memories and stories. The memories and stories that we write, either without photographs or in response to photographs.And then,all of us participate in some way.  In this way we all stay connected, and at this stage of our lives, our connectedness and interdependence is becoming increasingly precious and important.  So when you see or post a photo, add a photo or something you remember.  Check through your own collections of old pictures and memorabilia and see what you can add.  Some of these additions, like Steve's story about tearing down the church, and Ann's post today are really useful and important.  Facebook is the current fad, but Facebook posts are transient and get lost forever in the shuffle.  At least on our blog, we can etch our memories and photos into something permanent, that can be printed and referenced.  Thank you all these past several years since we started the Penrose blog.  Now we are starting on a new era with more memories, stories, photos, memorabilia, and whatever else you can find.  I'm anxious to see what we all come up with.