Friday, April 24, 2009

An Amazing Find

If you have been going through any of the Blood genealogy, the name Sarah Batty Hawkins will be a familiar name. Some of us have been searching (some more diligently than others these days - such as Judy's Shannon) for pieces that will help to clear up a few of the mysteries of our family from long ago. Over the years we have communicated with Betty Sullivan, an amazing researcher and a relative from Dad's (Russell Blood) side of the family. Through her research, Betty has found this picture of Sarah Batty Hawkins, who married Moses Blood and who are the parents of Roscoe, who is the father of Russell - and you know the rest of the story.
So, thanks to Betty, we have this photo of someone none of us knew, but who is an important piece of our past.

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Elizabeth said...

Betty Sullivan is our second cousin. Her grandmother, Mable Blood was our grandfather Roscoe M. Blood's sister. Betty has been an avid genealogist, and has published the book, "The Long Trek West" about some of the generations of the Blood family. We appreciate her hard work in connecting our family through the generations. Betty has put much of the genealogy online - do a Google on Betty Sullivan, and you'll find her sites.