Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Judy

How fortunate I have been to have Judy for one of my sisters. She has been a great example and such a dear friend. She has endured the years of listening to me dream my dreams without judgment and has shared her life with me in a way that has helped me be a better person (and if that didn't happen it isn't because she hasn't tried). This photo was taken in 1960 (?) as Judy and Bob moved from their very tiny apartment in Provo to Washington State by way of Penrose.

This is not a great picture for clarity, but it definitely shows a spirited side of Judy (in other words, the REAL Judy). We both had a skirt like she is wearing, and what fun they were to wear. If you note, our school books are sitting on the porch, so perhaps this was a first day of school picture for Judy's senior year???? Also, the rose bushes behind us were instigated by Judy and a home ec. project she took on. Thanks to her, the roses added a nice touch and were the beginning of flower beds that eventually went around the corner and along the south side of the house, just a little.

Remember how we would play "burn out" catch with Dad? This must have been Judy's turn, and the pickup must have been playing back stop.

None of these pictures are terribly clear, but they are full of happy memories of someone very special in my life. Happy Birthday, Judy. Love you lots.


Elizabeth said...

These are wonderful pictures, Ann. They represent such an innocent place in time. Thanks for sharing. (I've not seen them before. We all seem to have some little gems in our archives.)

Judy said...

Thank you, Ann! Isn't funny how all of those "little" tidbits are such a big part of who we are and what we have become. The sentiments are returned....many times over.

Judy said...

P.S. I love you.