Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter - too late!

How did we miss this one? Easter is long past, but this is one of the classic pictures of the egg-dyeing process. We all had so much fun coloring the hard-boiled eggs, and then taking turns hiding them and finding them. I seem to recall a time in Ralston, though, when somebody began quarreling over the eggs, and the whole batch ended up being tossed because our father was not too happy about the goings on - anyone else remember that time? (And, remember, Ann, Mother loved Judy best because we both had pigtails and Judy had curls.)


Ann said...

You are right - this is another classic photo. And yes, I always wanted to be a little taller and have a better shape, like Judy; have blonde curls, like Judy; be cool, like Judy, etc. Never happened! The dresses Mother made from something that just appeared. Mine was red and white striped, and very fun to wear. Pigtails - I have this permanent split in my hair line where my hair still wants to go north or south, and get braided. Damaged for life! Fixing hair was not a pleasant task for Mother. The braids, when compared with the horrible smelling home permanents that Mother would use to try and put some kind of curl into our very straight hair, were not all that bad. Remember how Mother had no gloves to protect her hands from those harsh chemicals. That was a major ordeal for all concerned.

Judy said...

In order to have curls, you had to sleep on hard curlers all night, while your hair dried in perfect form. I used a scarf with some body to it and wrapped it around my head to cushion the pain.
I did love that skirt..Was it Elizabeth's before it was mine? And I loved Easter with the morning sun rising over the eastern bench.

Elizabeth said...

Look how Ann sits patiently, hands clasped in her lap, awaiting her turn to have the vinegar-dampened cloth to put the decals on her egg before dyeing it. And I well remember the red and white striped dress, Ann - it was the devil to iron. Judy, Mother made all of us skirts out of that material - remember the pictures taken in the Park where we are wearing them?