Monday, April 20, 2009

Penrose 2009

Kemp took this picture when he visited Penrose this last winter. At first glance, I did not recognize the picture as THE house. The hills seem too close and the light pole is in the wrong place. And what a smooth graveled lane. And in general though, it is still an inviting place to live, love and stay warm from the cold wind.


Elizabeth said...

How did the tree that was in front of the house get translated to two trees behind the house? And where is the blue roof? And the pine tree at the corner of Dwight's bedroom that took so many years to grow? Or the honeysuckle hedge to the north? Oh, dear, it's true - you can't go back. Memories are, perhaps, a better avenue?

Ann said...

It is strange to see the house looking so different. I think I will keep my happy memory pictures safely tucked away where time can't change them. On the other hand, I am grateful the house is being kept neat and tidy. However, I do agree with Elizabeth, the only happy roof on that house can be a blue roof!

Judy said...

I once knew what the cost of building this house. It wasn't much, but I always appreciated the extravagance of the pretty glass doorknobs and the front door with windows and the fancy latch.
For now, though there are some changes (and who has not done that to where they now live?) I am thrilled that the place is in good repair. Today is another part of history.