Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shoshone Furniture

A little while before the cat postings began, I posted a picture of one of Dad's lamps/shades Kristen and Matt found living in a friend's home in Brigham City. This past week Kristen received these pictures of the furniture that the same family (owners of the lamp/shade) have. These pieces were bought at the same time and place as the lamp/shade. For those of you who have the Molesworth Book, you can check out the similarities. The family was not able to locate any marking on the furniture, but there wasn't time for them to pull the bed apart to look. I talked with Steve and his suspicion, without seeing these pictures, was Dad probably did not make the furniture. However, the similarities to the construction of the pole chairs, and other things that lived in our home seem to be there. Any thoughts?

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Judy said...

How inspiring to see this furniture! How we remember the pole style with such affection since it was a part of our parents.