Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Penrose Relief Society

This picture came from Aunt Cindy's photograph album that I inherited. I've tried to figure out the time period - must have been in the early late 30's or early 40's? (Since Mother wasn't in the picture, I would guess that we were either living in Cody, or in Ralston when this picture was taken.) We don't have too many pictures of Grandma during this period of time, so this picture is special for that - also, to see some of the people we knew later is of interest. I played with Larry Hogg a few times when Mother would visit with his mother. He sent me valentines on Valentine's Day for a few years after they moved away from Penrose to California - I remember hearing Daddy telling Mother that Larry had died by hiding in a refrigerator and suffocating to death. Sad story. But, back to better thoughts. I was pleased to find Grandma's handwriting on the back of the picture - sorry about the glue that discolors part of the back. Anyone have an idea whose house this was?


Ann said...

Grandma must have always had a twinkle in her eye. What a wonderful picture. Thank you for sharing. Delilah with the two children really do stand out. I hope Phil and Marlene will get to see this one.

Judy said...

Parkins' house?

Phil Wasden said...

WONDERFUL! This a picture I have never seen before. I was born August 1, 1937 and Marlene on August 7, 1939; father died on February 16, 1943; I would estimate the date of this picture approximately Fall of 1942. The place where the Relief Society would assemble would most likely be the meeting house across the street. I don't recall "chinking" in the logs for any other building in Penrose, quite like this. I am grateful to Judy for calling my attention to this fantastic picture. I love you more! Phil