Friday, April 24, 2009

Who Am I?

This is a picture I just found in my "stuff". I think I know who some of these people are, but a more definite identification would be appreciated. Was this taken in Gunnison? After Grandpa's mission? Etc.


Elizabeth said...

This is the house that Grandpa built in Gunnison after his mission. The ones I know are: l to r; Grandpa Wasden, Unknown holding Aunt Sofe, Uncle David in front, Great-grandmother Christenson, unknown girl, boy might be Edward Taylor, and probably Aunt Minnie on the far right. Others can correct me - I have this picture somewhere with identifying names, but don't have time this a.m. to find it.

Ann said...

Thanks Elizabeth. I am always amazed at the wealth of knowledge that is being shared through the blog. Happy Friday!

Ann said...

After conferring with other siblings (ok, it was Judy), could it be Tilda holding the baby. At first I didn't think it was her because of her height, but she is standing two steps up from Grandpa, and her face just looks too much like other pictures of her. Depending on the time when this was taken, could Tilda be holding Brooks (in the dress, as was the custom at that time), and could the little girl standing by G.G. Christenson be Sofe? Just a thought (not an original one, but nonetheless, one worth throwing out there).