Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Louise


Louise Blood said...

Thank you, Dwight. I like that picture. I don't know what happened to Diana's other shoe.
Today is Grandpa Wasden's birthday. I always felt special to have my birthday so close to his. We usually had a big family get together and that was always a fun time.

Elizabeth said...

Get out the ice cream maker that had to be hand-cranked, find the watermelon and Cindy's spice cake with sliced bananas on the frosting. Kids run and play, and then gather around the old upright piano in the parlor while Mother played and we sang songs like "The Bulldog on the bank and the bullfrog in the pool." Thanks for that reminder, Louise. You were a beautiful young woman - where was this picture taken????

Louise Blood said...

I cannot remember where this was taken. We were living in San Bernardino when Diana was that young. Dwight took the picture, they must have come to visit. So, where were we in the picture, Dwight?