Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Louise

(How is this for cheating? Elizabeth put this page together and now I am "borrowing" it, because I am too lazy to do my own, and also because I love the photos that are here - I can't do any better. So, after apologizing to Elizabeth, on to the important even of the day.)

Happy Birthday, big sister. What a dear friend you have always been to me. We have talked, laughed and cried together, you have encouraged me when I was sure I couldn't teach my R.S. lessons, you have put up with my silliness, and always been willing to overlook my flaws. Being a big sister can't be easy (having never been one), but the example you have set for me as you have found incredible ways to be happy when life isn't perfect will always be a source of encouragement for me.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Louise. Love you lots.
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Steve Blood said...

There is a special place for cheaters of this type and they get my gratitude because I couldn't any better either. Happy birthday with Love

Judy said...

Ann, thanks for looking at the calendar!

Elizabeth said...

And a happy, happy birthday, sister Dear!