Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I apologize for feeding the blog so much this morning. Recovering from the flu bug that was generously shared while we were together last week (thankfully it is about a 24 hour bug), has given time to just sit and start on the photo scanning again. I ran across this photo of handsome Steve and one of our many cute kittens. This does show a little more of the "guys" bedroom.
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Judy said...

Cats were NEVER allowed in the house! But how cute.

Steve Blood said...

I believe that I was temporarily terminal and got away with murder. Notice the radio in bed with me. I listened to all of the latest on KOMA in Oklahoma at night to get all of the lateste rock and roll. It was on the bed so that I could listen without having to deal with comments from others.

Ann said...

The bed looks really small in this photo. When Steve and I would stand on opposite sides of the bed and shoot spit wads at each other, the bed seemed like a great safety barrier. Maybe the rubber bands we were using weren't very strong, or maybe our aim was off just a little, but I suspect someone with an accurate shot would be able to do some real damage. We often had a few red welts, but they didn't really matter - the laughing time was "awesome".