Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ann And Judy

This photo was almost beyond redemption and was difficult to clean.  This version is the best I could do.  I might not have posted it except Uncle Norman's photo shoot would have been incomplete without it.  Now Ann is strangling the poor cat and Judy is chewing on her elbow.  Is Ann crying or laughing?  I remember clearly the day Norman took these pictures, lining us up in the sugar beets by the back door.  The year Uncle Norman and Aunt Cindy were there working with Dad on the farm was a great year for us kids.  He was fun to be around, took us to Lovell and Powell to the movies, and worked with us in the beet fields and at haying time.  It was the first and only time we ever were able to spend time with one of our uncles, and the time was over all too quickly.  Penrose was really a quite lonely place to grow up, since there were no other children our age that we could play with and grow up with. 


Elizabeth said...

There is Ann! Those look to be tears of distress. And Judy had posed - two poses were almost too much to ask. I didn't even think about this being the year that Norman and Cindy lived in the house up by Grandma and Grandpa's. That explains a lot.

Ann said...

And that is how my hair still looks! Did I just "borrow" the kitty from Judy? Was she trying hard to think it was ok?
I am always amazed at what our Penrose haven came to be, especially when I look at these photos from the very early years. An understatement would be to say it took a lot of hard work. It is a definite reminder that our beginnings are just a starting point and what we do going forward is up to us.
Thank you for rescuing this photo.

Judy said...

I think I am licking scratch wounds and Ann is about to get some. Look at the direction of the kitten's claws...headed directly to Ann. She is one cute little girl.