Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Steve

Dear Steve,
I hope your day is full of good things, sunshine and happy memories. I must admit there are times on quiet days when I think about the adventures you led me on.  There were so many, like taking apart bicycles and sharing parts as we put them back together.  (Did you know that Dwight only left those bikes at Penrose to be stored?  Sorry, Dwight)   Remember how they really did go much faster, even on the washboard roads?  Then we would take those much improved (?) bikes up to the top of the hill by the old oil tank and  take off to see how far we could coast heading towards home. We would fly through the rain puddles and laugh like there wasn't a care in the world.

I will always be thankful for a "little" brother who was my buddy during our growing up years.  The photo is just to remind  you of what you are missing unless you come to my house.  I love you, Steve.


Louise Blood said...

Interesting that Ann chose this picture, is it possible that her mind is on chickens? I can see that I missed out on a lot by being older and gone when you two were in cahoots. It's fun to get these stories. I wish you the best and happiest of birthdays. I love you and am so glad that we have had at least a few opportunities to be together to enjoy your humor.

Elizabeth said...

Do you think that Steve was a chicken whisperer, too? Are there any more chicken pictures? We'll all have to go to Ann's and pose with her chicks (when they come.)

Judy said...

Dear Stephen, It is not yet midnight in the Pacific Time Zone, therefore it is still your birthday. I would like to add my birthday wishes to my childhood playmate, and lifetime friend. We all count our blessings for the times you have faught danger and have come out the victor. Add my love along with all the others. Happy Birthday.