Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

 Our grandmother, Louise Blood
 Our grandfather, Roscoe Blood
 Our parents, Minnie and Russell Blood
 I'm not certain, but I think Dad is kneeling by his Mother's grave in Nebraska, 1988
 Classic picture of our parents, Minnie and Russell Blood, baby Louise, Sunlight, 1931
Our grandparents, Tilda and James Wasden

Memorial Day 2012.  Today we honor our parents and grandparents and all those who have gone before us.  Since we cannot travel to the Penrose cemetery, we make the best of it by remembering them here.  If these photos are too large for your hard drive, let me know and I'll shrink them, but I wanted to see them in a large enough size so I could feel their presence.  We never knew our Blood grandparents, since Dad was an orphan at an early age.  We grew up with our Wasden grandparents and we children were close to them all of their lives.  Never a day goes by that I still do not think of my parents in some way or another, and continue to miss them after all these years.  And so we pay tribute to all of them this Memorial Day 2012.

We would be remiss if we did not honor service men and women, and particularly the members of our family who have served, and are now serving, in the armed forces of our country.  We especially pay tribute to those who have served in harm's way.  So, be assured that we are thinking of you, that we are aware of the sacrifices you have made and our now making in our behalf.


Louise Blood said...

What a beautiful and fitting tribute to our parents and to our grandparents who were so much a part of our lives, and to the grandparents we did not know in this life but will see them in the next life. And the pictures of the lilacs and iris that bring back many memories, the bouquets of lilacs that were put in quart jars for vases filling the house with their wonderful fragrance. Timely reminders that makes one remember what is important in life - family and the lovely things that are put here on earth to bring us joy in this experience we call "life".

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the wonderful collection of important family pictures. Wonderful remembering on this Memorial Day.

Judy said...

Good days! Good thoughts! Reminds us of how we got to this day and ALL who have made it possible. This is a pretty powerful collection of family both in pictures and in words. Wonderful to have Louise included here.

Ann said...

This series of photos is powerful. I remember how, as Grandma and Grandpa got older they would get teary over tender things. I always thought that was what "old" people did. But as I read this post and studied the photos I realized I was very teary, and I am not "old". Thank you for paying a perfect tribute to all of those who have sacrificed for us in so many ways.