Monday, May 14, 2012

Minnie, Russell, Judy

This photo is one that we would probably delete if we took it today with a digital camera.  The original was quite dark, and this is the best I could do with all the photo tweaking stuff I know about.  Probably a professional photo restorer could do better.  I didn't take this one; Liz, maybe?  And where is it? Pine trees in background?  But aren't you glad we still have this photo, for all its imperfections?  Our discussion seems to be thinning out.


Elizabeth said...

This picture was on Dead Indian - there are a few others taken on this day. And, yes, taken with Dwight's old Baby Brownie

Ann said...

It was on adventures like these that Mother would teach us the names of the wildflowers. I hated going to Dead Indian. First, I didn't understand it was just a name and not a person, second the road was barely there and third, I really liked straight roads. The things that made it bearable was the flowers, and we usually had some kind of a picnic, which meant food we didn't normally eat. There were no ice chests for keeping stuff cold, but we did have a large thermos type water jug that worked somewhat. I can remember how that jug would sometimes smell like Koolaid when I would take the lid off, regardless of its contents. Judy used to get so car sick, these were not fun trips for her until the moving stopped.

Judy said...

The sun was always too bright for me. I always squinted or looked down, either is less than helpful.