Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Minnie Wasden as University of Wyoming Student

This is the only photo of which I am aware of Mom as a student at the University of Wyoming.  It is cropped from another photo that was in the remnants of Mom's black photo album.  Though blurry, it is a priceless picture.  That Mom had the fortitude to go 450 miles over mostly primitive roads from her humble beginnings in Penrose to attend the University was in and of itself an act of great courage.  She worked at the Commons cafeteria and was chore girl for the Bowman family while she was there.  While some of her related experiences were far from pleasant, she had the backbone to tough it out, attributes that served her throughout her life and which served as a beacon light for her children.  We knew that if she could make her way, we could make our way. And that lesson was instrumental in my getting through the University only a short two decades later.  And Liz has also commented on the inspiration she received from Mom's U of Wyo yearbook, which we both perused and memorized, knowing that we would both go to Laramie to school.

I have Ann to thank for posting the little picture of Judy which got me to thinking, "I wonder if the details of that photo are still salvageable after all these years."  After I did one, I did a few others.  Now I am determined to work my way through the photos that I have.  While these photos are posted here, I'll also make them available in due time on a CD.  I don't want to monopolize this blog, and we need to have everyone participate in our family discussion of our heritage and background, not just look at the pictures. I am continually amazed that these ancient photos still possess so many details hidden in the original pictures.  I feel like we are all having a family reunion with newly revealed members of our family all over again.  So help me keep it going, and I'll keep working on them..


Ann said...

I am so glad you are working on these old photos. It is fun to open the blog to see what "new" old photo is going to pop up. Where life is a little chaotic for just a little while, I appreciate the fact you are getting these photos posted. I promise there will be time for writing again, soon.
This photo of Mother is so intriguing. Her clothes look so stylish, her hair beautifully done. She was a classy lady, in many respects.

Judy said...

Check out this picture. Would love to see what you can do with it!


Dwight said...

Where is every one?