Monday, May 13, 2013

Ruminations from Riverton

We have successfully migrated, thanks to our two helpful sons.  There are few visible changes here.  The Arctic Circle is still where it used to be.  The two gas stations on the corner keep changing their prices to match the other one.  Yesterday they both had prices down to $3.17 or so, today, back up to $3.39.  Hurray for the free-enterprise system.  A new McDonald's has sprouted at the Costco turnoff, along with a buffalo wing outfit.  Who knew buffalos had wings? The guy who draws smiley faces on the receipts at the Costco checkout line was back in business.  The toilet paper (Costco no.#1 selling item) managed to be relocated on the opposite side of the store from the Kleenex.  I walked 20 miles before I got both of them.  I spent $5 bucks on a rotisserie chicken which saved 2 hours of cleaning the set-it-or-forget it piece of junk reposing in the store room.  This chicken does not lay eggs.  The new garage door opener installed a couple of years for 450 (I have to interrupt this to say that Judy just called to explain how wonderful the piece I mailed on how wonderful fabric is was, etc.) bucks does not work.  Two toilet flappers need replaced.  The garage is full of leaves.  I was out of pancake flour so could not make Velna a mother's day breakfast.  She had a piece of toaster strudel instead.

I have checked the Ambsbaugh Gardens blog every day two or three times to see if the moth myth stuff has finally been replaced.  So far there is no indication that the proprietress of this blog has any intention of diverting our attention from the moth myth.

I went to the ear nose and throat folks this morning convinced that my hearing was doomed.  Turns out my hearing aids were damaged when I wore them in the shower a few weeks ago.  Velna hopes I will shut up now.  For the moment I am in a better humor until I find the next thing to worry about.  We are happy Steve has a new dog.  I know you will all be anxious for me to bring you up to date as soon as possible.  Have a nice day.


Elizabeth said...

Dwight, good to hear that you and Velna are now safely ensconsed in Riverton. Hurrah for faithful sons. However, you are missing the boat - I'm sure that Amsbaugh Gardens is all about moss, and Judy got all mossy and can't add anything new. Or is it because the entire dining room-kitchen on 43rd is now painted and completed, and that Bob has gone on his umpteen-mile bike ride to celebrate his 80th birthday? How's the dog coming, Steve?

Ann said...

Welcome back to the north country. 91 degrees yesterday hopefully helped you make the transition a little easier. It sounds as though you have enough to keep you busy just getting everything back in order. It is good to have projects.

Judy said...

I think I will play catch up and see if I might even start contributing here or Amsbaugh. Dwight, glad you and Velna have made the move north. You get excitment at least twice a year.

Ann, 91 degrees? What happened to snow on the mountain?

Elizabeth is right. Getting distracted with other projects leaves lots of moss to gather.