Saturday, July 5, 2008

Aunt Rose and Uncle Will

This is the last of the photos in the collection of Aunt Rose with "Will" (William) by her side. In all of her letters to our parents, she always wrote of her love and concern for them. Her love of the garden is evident in one her last letters.

"...I'd never get it off in time for spring planting. I am wondering if you would sell me some Iris roots, or whatever they are called; also would it be possible for some Roses and a small "Holly tree" "or Holly shrub" I'm not certain the Holly would grow on this side of the mountains; but would like to try. ........How about it darlings?"

"I'm fine; Of course I do have a lot of complications to contend with, but perhaps by planting time I may overcome most of them and my neighbor girl will help me."

"I know how busy you are; but anytime the opportunity presents itself; I'll be so very Happy to have you come 'over the mountains to see the other side'! as the old Bear did. Think it over; My Dears!!"

"...All my love to Two wonderful People! Aunt Rose 'I am now "89" years old'."

Monday Jan. 20, 1975


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing this treasure. Aunt Rose always seemed to have a little magic because of her hand-painted Christmas cards and letters. This one shows her lovely turn of speech.

Ann said...

Aunt Rose has become a real person to me because of these posts. Thank you for giving all of us just a little more insight into Dad's family.

kathy allgeier said...

thanks for this blog.i stumbled upon it when i googled my great granny roses name and all this wonderful history and photos came up.i'm the daughter of stanley earl allgeier,robert's son.i grew up receiving the amazing hand painted cards like you did.i really appreciate getting to experience her again.thanks for sharing.sincerely,kathy a. allgeier