Thursday, July 10, 2008

Roy and "Aunt Eva" Blood

This photo was taken in their later years.


Ann said...

This is the only picture I can recall seeing of Roy and Eva in their later years.

Elizabeth said...

In August of 1969, when Mother and Dad came to Laramie for my B.A. graduation, Dwight, Velna, and I went with them to Denver (Wheatridge), where their main goal was to see Roy and Eva. Roy was ill at the time - sleeping on a hospital bed (I think) in the living room. We were introduced, and then the three of us were sent to the mall, while Mother and Dad did a little visiting. I don't think we went the next year when they came for my Master's graduation and to help me move back to Powell. I wasn't too excited to meet them, since the stories that Dad used to tell about his childhood with them were quite prominent in my mind.