Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Louise

Eyes closed or not, this is one of my favorite pictures of Louise. It was a happy day at the Portland Temple and I was privileged to share the day with my sister. Today is her day, so break out the yellow cake with brown sugar frosting,...put a candle or two on it and we shall sing away before she makes a wish and blows them out.

Now we open the presents. Lousie, I don't know how I got this.......but I think you wrote this with your heart. And I post it here for all to read.



Steve Blood said...

What a nice way to say, "happy birthday." I've always been proud of everyone in our family but it was always nice to say that I came from a family of educators. I mean I got educated by everyone in the family but 50% by the pros ain't bad.

Elizabeth said...

Louise, when did you write/present this tribute? Was it that long ago? It does spell out what your life has been, and what an example you have been. I have seen you teach in the classroom, and I've seldom seen a teacher so in control in a kind way of the entire situation. The children you taught were fortunate to have you as a teacher.

Louise Blood said...

Judy, I love that picture, also, I'm not sure why I closed my eyes. It was a happy day and I was thrilled that you were there to be a part of Diana's and Larry's sealing. And, oh, my goodness, how did you come by that paper? I'm glad you still have it, and thank you for sharing it. I gave it in S. S. on Mother's Day, just finishing up my first year of teaching. It brought the tears, remembering how I felt then, and still feel today, with 28 more years. I felt her influence and example of a loving teacher in all of those years. And, Elizabeth, YOUR tribute means a lot to me, coming from a master teacher yourself. Thank you, and also to Steve for your words.