Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Steve & Mary Lynn's "Digs"

This is Rosebud, who will be forever immortalized in the hearts of Steve and Mary Lynn and anyone who came to see them.
Mary Lynn's gardens are all so beautiful this is just one of them -

The shop-barn where creation takes place with Steve and Mary Lynn running the show.
The next idea is being hatched!
When we were able to visit Steve and Mary Lynn in their upstate New York home a few years ago, it was quite a treat! Good company, lots of fun conversations, beautiful home and grounds, and the fascination of the shop where much of the fabrication for Penrose Designs takes place. We heartily recommend it.


Ann said...

This presents such a conflict for me. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have them closer to family - but I don't know how they could replace the little haven they have built so far away. Fun pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Steve Blood said...

It was so good to have Elizabeth and Ron visit us that year. One thing that I've notice about our family, it doesn't seem to matter how long it is between visits it always feels like we were never seperated. Our door is always open. Note; Rosebud was a little wacky but she certainly was a charmer.

Judy said...

Even I got a little misty eyed at seeing the photo of Rosebud. She came to our house on one of the visit to Washington and won our affection.
These are some of the best photos of Steve and Mary Lynn. I am very grateful we have found others ways to remain close when miles between are an obstacle.