Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Other Three Graces

This picture seems appropriate for this day - we just needed Judy to be included. Remember the photo of Ann, Judy, and Elizabeth (me) in Judy's kitchen. Where and when was this picture taken? It must be quite old, because I'm wearing earrings, and I haven't been able to do that for years because of allergies. To get back to why this picture is appropriate, it is because tomorrow is the day for Louise's knee replacement surgery, and we want her to know that her sisters (and brothers) want to provide her with all the support we can muster. We hope that all will go well, and that recovery will be quick.


Louise Blood said...

Thank you for the picture and expressing support, it means everything to me. This must have been taken in the late 80's when I gave up on hiding my gray hair with coloring and it is in the transition stage before turning white. But I have no idea where it was taken. It's a neat picture, but I do have to point out who the non-comformest is in the folding of arms.
Thanks again. By this time tomorrow the deed should be done. Will let you know how it went. Love you all.

Elizabeth said...

We didn't think you would notice - but it's true. You are the noncomformist, but we love you, anyway. ;-)

Ann said...

I love this picture. The pose does tell a true story about our personalities. What fun! The mystery does remain as to where it was taken. Dear Louise - may tomorrow go well and the next few days pass quickly. It will be fun to have you up and around without the pain. I recognize it may take a few days to reach that point, but just think positively and all will go well.
Love you.