Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can You Identify This Antique Car??

A lady in her stylish hat taking her dog out for a drive in her amazing automobile. If someone could identify the car and year, maybe we could zero in on the possiblities of the lady's name. She is a member of either the Blood or Hawkins family. This is just one more of the unmarked family photos that belonged to Russell Blood. Do take time to enlarge it for the wonderful detail.


Elizabeth said...

I love this picture! One could almost make up a story to go with it. Hope we get someone who can identify the car.

Dwight said...

Oh man, if this isn't a gem!

Ann said...

Ok, so I got curious, plus I didn't want to keep cleaning off little fingerprints on windows, door knobs, etc., so I did a search online. This was kind of fun. See what you think. If this isn't a Sears special, I learned something fun in doing the search.
Do a search for "1910 Sears K Roadster". If this is what this car is, did you know they could be ordered through the Sears and Roebuck catalog? Check out the price below. I copied the information below from the web site. But take a look at the car - you will find the pictures when you do the search (I used Google).

"Sears and Roebuck sold these cars through their catalog from 1908 to 1912.

Power came from a small 14hp engine under the seat. Sort of an early mid-engine design. The rear wheels were driven by a dual chain drive, which can be seen in the photo below..

In 1910 there were 5 models available, G, H, J, K, and L each a little better equiped as you moved up the alphabet.

Prices for the various models ranged from about $370.00 to just under $500.00 with standard equipment."

Ann said...

This is the website that had a great picture of a similar car.

Judy said...

Good Job Ann! Or did you put Laura on this case? The Sears car sure looks close to me...Now who would the lady be in 1910?

Ann said...

Couldn't find her on the internet - Laura was too busy getting ready for fall classes, with only 24 students as compared to her 34-36 out at Eagle Mountain last year, so I had to do my own sleuthing.