Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back to our Roots - Again

Okay, so the tree by the old shop (which is no longer there) has grown large, the honeysuckle hedge to the north of the back lawn is still there, but the huge storage building and the quonset hut beyond take away the ambience of our home - PLUS - a red roof is not at all as becoming as the copen blue that was on the roof forever. Seeing this still brings back memories.
The Shoshone River, not far from our home, was always fascinating - it has changed immensely since we lived in Penrose.

For starters, the old railroad bridge has been long gone (since the mid-1960's), and there is a sand bar in the middle of the river as you look west. While it seems like a fairly recent addition to the river, there are trees and shrubs growing on it - amazing!

The other big change is that the east end of the valley. where George McBlaine and Bothilde kept a pretty tight ship, has turned into a big junk pile. Oh, well, we can ignore that, I guess. This early in the spring, trees were just beginning to leaf out in Penrose, while Burlington, about 15 miles to the south had lilacs in fulll bloom. Go figure!


Judy said...

We'll always love the river as an attraction of living in Penrose. And even though the house and surroundings look different, I am thrilled to pieces that it is neat and in good shape. It has truly stood the test of time.

Ann said...

No matter how much it changes, there is no place like home! Thank you for another nostalgic peek at a favorite piece of our lives.