Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Bobbsey Twins

I just can't resist adding this picture to the family album. Ann and Steve holding hands like the best of pals that they were (and still are). I'm not too sure, but I think Ann has her cut-off pants on back to front - she never, ever had a tummy - she was always skinny as could be. Love the bracelets, as an added wardrobe embellishment. One thing about Mother - she never interfered with our desire to dress up - as long as it was at home. The added embellishments put an added dollop to our playacting. (Remember Judy at Ralston with the funny cast-off girdle that someone had included in a batch of clothes that we were gifted with? Or the wonderful fur animal that had a head and a long tail that had a clasp so we could wear it around our necks? (We were very sophisticated when we wore that one.) There were hats with veils, and strange clothes. Some of the hand-me-downs that landed at our house were remodeled by Mother to try to eke out our wardrobes, but mostly, we had make-believe. In looking back, it seems to have been a magical childhood. There were certain rules of deportment that we were expected to adhere to, but in reality, we lived a pretty free, imaginative life.


Ann said...

Ok, this picture really made me laugh, especially when you made the comment about my pants being on backward. Only boys pants zipped up the front! What happy memories of a magical time. You are right - Steve and I spent so much time together and found so much mischief we probably made Mother's head spin. Thank you for stirring up more happy thoughts. We were very blessed to have lived where and how we lived during the Penrose years.

Judy said...

We did indeed love the old clothes. Maybe it was because they had character. Wasn't good for us that we didn't care? Maybe that was part of the learning what was really important.
Ann and Steve holding hands is adorable.
Did Dwight ever get to wear old clothes?