Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Steve

After being such a slacker, I couldn't resist digging out these pictures for a birthday post. Remember when, Steve?
Steve's room was always neat and tidy!

Hopefully when this posts you can read the write-up from the Pow Wow.

Steve was definitely helping Dad paint the living room.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Judy said...

Steve, I hope you know that Ann was the one who knew ALL about you. Your room was rather tidy. And I am happy to see that my picture was watching over your comings and goings. Did it do any good?
The summer we redecorated the living room was also the summer you got sick. Maybe that is why you were not participating in the work...
Anyway, good job Ann. These were wonderful surprises.
And Happy 65 to Steve. We are honored to have you as a brother.

Ann said...

Judy, I suspect Steve was already dealing with being so sick when this picture was taken. So, is the hat in this picture his or yours?

Judy said...


Steve Blood said...

I'm over whelmed. I do love all you guys.