Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Civilian Conservation Corps

I certainly remember Dad talking of the CCCs and here is proof of his involvement. Notice that his stay was only two weeks. His job was to be a cook. Maybe that is why he didn't last! This is just one more piece of evidence of the hard times and the willingness to do whatever it took to earn a $.
Shannon found some interesting information on the web at the addresses listed below. This is an education in itself.


Ann said...

This is another heart wrenching insight into what Mother and Dad went through to provide for their growing family. I am often filled with awe about their determination and commitment to each other and their family. I was not aware this document even existed so thank you for adding it to the family archive.

Elizabeth said...

Look through the letters - Dad wrote one while he was at CCC camp in the Park. It was really an awful experience for him, and he chose to leave, even though the pittance of pay was secure. The story is in the letter. The letter will be an eye opener. And 5' 11-1/2" tall? Certainly he was 6' tall!

Ann said...

I knew about him being at the camp, I just didn't know about his discharge certificate. Yes, the letter does tell the story quite well.