Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Elizabeth 2009

I started to print a birthday card but ran out of ink, so this will have to do. Hope you have few candles and many presents. D.


Ann said...

What a perfect picture for a birthday. Happy Birthday dear sister. I hope your day is full of sunshine, pretty flowers and happy memories, as well as a good year in front of you.
Love you lots,

Elizabeth said...

The fun thing about the flowers - Julie and Mike sent me a bouquet. I was working at potting plants on the patio, Ron was working in the garden, and the bouquet magically appeared on the dining room table. Only in Preston would the florist feel comfortable oopening the front door, placing the bouquet on the table, and exiting - too hot on the front porch. It is a good day. Thank you, Annie.

Elizabeth said...

P.S. And this card is much more agreeable - I don't have to do anything about it, just enjoy the look and the wishes. Thank you. AND, the picture at the top of the page is absolutely beautiful!